The collective consciousness of small things

I was sitting in my car with my latest smart-phone in the dash, running the latest android. The phone’s accelerometer, picks up vibrations when I walk. The phone’s GPS tells me if I’m moving or not. While in my car, the GPS must have detected my speed, and the accelerometer must not have picked up any tell-tale signs of walking.

My human is travelling at high speeds, and not walking, it deduces. In all probability that means he’s driving, it deduces.

My mobile now activated a “DRIVE MODE” automatically. The phone rang, the AI voice asked if I want to it to pick the call for me. I said yes. But it fails. The call gets disconnected, and I go back to driving.

It was a weak signal stretch of the road and it needs to contact google-voice-recognition servers to upload my speech and return the of the sound I uttered.

Keep this story in the back of your mind, as I’m not going lead this train of thought further, but instead, pivot the story. Don’t worry, we’ll pick up the train again.

The human-collective consciousness.

I want you to imagine something. Imagine a big ethereal being around the size of planet earth. And all of us are connected to it with strings attached at the top of our heads. It’s feeding off our thoughts, as well as feeding us thoughts back.

Now this entity, which we shall call “” brings to mind, an intelligent and sort of semi-conscious being in whose body, all humans in the world are just mere nodes, with our mundane thoughts, fears, aspirations, both contributing to and being influenced by this world-wide-web of thoughts.

Now this idea reeks of new-age blue-cheese I mean, mind-to-mind communication between all of humanity.. Phfff!


If you rationally argue, that if the is a medium of communication, it suddenly makes sense. Now with the world wide web as the medium, the human collective consciousness is

We are now more than our individual selves. There is an intelligence which we’re all connected to. Make no mistake.

This new entity that we’re connected to is more intelligent than us, and we’re connected to it. We draw ideas, facts, inspiration from it.

Facebook doesn't influences our emotions. Facebook only collects the human-generated , helps humans express it with photos and emoticons and stickers and spreads it to the world.

express our emotions and feelings online. And get influenced by them.

Google, Wikipedia just collect and organize facts and opinionsGoogle is not the source.. It just makes it easy to find facts and opinions.

generate the information and facts online. And utilize them.

Pinterest, Instagram are just the basket in which we collectthe inspiring and beautiful to inspire our creativity.

generate the inspiration online. Andget inspired by it.

It’s just us.

Just blur out the technology names (Google, Twitter, Facebook) from the vision, and you now just see thoughts, feeling, emotions, knowledge flowing through wires to each and every human being, , and of every human being. It feeds us a daily dose of activity , news , and we by comments, likes and more content generation.

Google, Facebook the size of titans, are . We can chew up and spit them out in 5 days if a new one comes which can accelerate and expand this human-consciousness machine. Products get wiped out if they fail to “connect” people to their plugs.

Inter-Net is just a cool name for a giant mesh of wires and radio antennae.

It’s us.

Divided. But connected.

We care about middle-east, as if it’s our neighborhood. We feel the pain of Nigerian school-girls and the Yazidi tribe, the name of which we just wikipedia’d a few minutes after reading the news article. We care about tsunamis thousands of miles away, and pollution level in china.

We care. We forget eventually, but for a moment, we care.

Few Generations ago, that was just newpapers. No emotional reactions, no comments, no posts about how you feel about it. Today we talk about things that affected us. And the more people talk about something, the more they make other people talk. If everyone’s talking about something particular, that’s all the you’ll eat. And that’s all the commenting you’ll do.

You’re plugged-in, and you didn't even know it.

But that’s not the topic of this article.

There is another consciousness forming.

The collective-consciousness of things.

The mobile in your pocket, is now more than itself. It’s connected to an AI through the internet. The AI, not only has, all of our data, but also is connected to others like it.

Applications are connecting to Applications, Facebook talks to Android, Android talks to YouTube.

have begun talking to, .

talking to . Computers together in data-farms.

There is a bigger collective consciousness growing.

You see, people are waiting for the conscious AI to be What we can call sentient and alive.

It’s already here. My mobile is sentient. It thinks. What it can’t think , it seeks from the internet, through “”.

There is no war coming. We have already surrendered, assumed fetal positions, and wrapped ourselves in the womb of this new monster.

It’s our mommy now.



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